Are you a Shopaholic with a game plan?

Shopping tips & tricks? I am so in! Check this out!


Every girl’s favorite past time is dropping that money on that favorite pair of shoes or that perfect outfit. If your a girl on a budget well you would want to check out my little tips on how to shop, when to shop, the best time to shop and all things shopping. I work in retail and I see a lot of women just drop money on some senseless pieces of clothing that just doesn’t fit their body or they know that they will have to return because it’s just not worth the money.Ladies when going to shop you should have a game plan or a list of how you are going to plan out your shopping trip. If you are in the transition of switching up your wardrobe a day out shopping shouldn’t take only one day it should be over the course of three days because you won’t…

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One Minute Wonder



Whilst My Moustache and I have smugly avoided being called a “One Minute Wonder”, we would accept the title proudly were we to partake in the series I am about to present.  To be deemed interesting enough to be included, would be a prestigious claim to fame indeed. 

Defined not by their overly impressive resumes and job titles, Present Plus presents a series of short videos titled One Minute Wonders that focuses on the personality behind the embossed business card. As the name suggests, the videos run for one minute. But, geez, it’s a good minute.

With interviewees ranging from the vice president at Vimeo, to an amateur footballer and director, a designer who works with Kanye West and even a militant tailor; these bite sized interviews provide meal sized inspiration for people of all persuasions.

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