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Go for Gold this Fall

Go for Gold this Fall


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5 Categories to get your Closet in Shape!


Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes in your closet you just don’t wear?

Start spring cleaning with these 5 categories in mind, or feel free to make your own depending on your wardrobe!

1 Winter Work Wardrobe – some things just need to be boxed up!
2 High End & Never Going to Wear Again! – not ready to donate but not ready to get rid of, if everything is still boxed up and not worn in a year I suggest creating an eBay account or visit a local second hand store like Second Time Around and maybe you will make some cash out of it!
3 100% Donate! – sometimes a girl is just ready to purge! If you haven’t worn it get rid of it! Someone else needs it more than you do!
4 Love & Lounge – a girl needs a few things to grunge out in! I have a few old pants and shorts I keep for the occasional painting job or workout (it’s never a bad idea right?!)
5 Other – you choose! I usually end up donating! Sometimes you just need to try something on to decide, wait to the end to do this so you can get through the bulk of it, at the end you will be more likely to donate! Trust me!